A woman who staged a protest against animal cruelty in Birmingham which involved stripping down to just her knickers and lying on a barbecue was threatened with arrest.

Lauren Bowey performed the eye-catching stunt in the middle of the city centre high street to encourage people to turn vegetarian.

Another campaigner with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals stood by dressed as a chef and brandished a meat flipper pretending to cook Ms Bowey, who was covered in brown paint.

The campaigner covered up her breasts with one arm as she lay in the middle of the street. But following a number of complaints from shoppers, community police officers told the pair they were not allowed to continue.

Ms Bowey said: “We have been to Manchester and Liverpool and we have had no problem there. I know the legality of it – I had to make sure I covered my chest.

"The point was to promote vegetarianism. At the end of the day flesh is flesh regardless of where it comes from.”

The protest had been staged with permission from city centre managers. But an officer at the scene said: “Police and centre management are in agreement that this will have to stop. There are a lot of children around and we are getting too many complaints.”