A quarter of people take days off work due to a lack of sleep and more than two-thirds put off having sex, a survey has found.

The study of 4,000 people found that 68% avoided sex when tired and 80% would rather go without sex that suffer poor quality sleep.

One in 20 (5%) people said they had ended a relationship because of their partner’s sleeping habits, half said they were regularly woken up by their partner and one in five were disturbed every night.

The survey, for night-time cramp treatment Crampex, also found 75% of people wake up every morning feeling exhausted while 40% want a nap during the day.

Two-thirds were regularly kept awake by stress and worries, with money causing the most anxiety, followed by work, family issues and health.

More than half of people (52%) said they dreamt about their job and 66% said they were yearning for more sleep.

A total of 46% of people said they got six hours or less sleep a night on average while 18% were getting by on less than five hours.

Just over a fifth (21%) of those surveyed were sleeping for eight hours a night.

One in 10 people surveyed said they used medication to help them get to sleep while 20% used alcohol.

Dr Chris Idzikowski, from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said: "It seems we are heading for an exhaustion meltdown as a nation and our lifestyles are leaving us constantly tired.

"This is detrimental to our health and it is vital everyone makes time to get plenty of good quality sleep.

"A good night’s sleep not only keeps you feeling alert and refreshed, but it can also help weight loss, reduce depression and keep you feeling at your best."