The importance of Ollie Thomas to Moseley was underlined last Saturday when he was named as the supporters' player of the year.

With that in mind those same Red and Black faithful will no doubt be overjoyed by the news that the jewel in Moseley's crown is on the verge of committing himself to the club for next season.

Thomas starred in his side's 29-25 win over Waterloo, in their last match at Bournbrook before they move to a new ground at Billesley Common, and he could not mask his pleasure at agreeing terms with director of rugby John Beale.

"I am 95 per cent sure to be with Moseley next season," said Thomas. "I am still to sign a contract but from the discussions so far I will probably get what I asked for. It is pretty much done."

Key to his decision was the strides the club have made under the tutelage of coaches Ian Smith and Don Caskie, who joined in the summer.

Thomas has blossomed with the former Cheltenham duo at the helm and while he started the season with nearly as many minuses to his game as pluses, he has improved his balance sheet.

He is working on his physique and defensive duties and learning his game management in situ. Meanwhile his handling and kicking have been a delight to behold.

"I have improved massively as a player over the last nine months, through age if anything as you get a bit more mature.

"At the start of the season I was trying to take on all 15 players and do too much. There is lot more structure for us and if I can play within it, or around it, then I'll be OK. The coaching staff have been a big factor in that, they have given us a lot of direction."

But almost as a caveat to signing for another season he curtly adds that he expects a 'massive push for promotion' and a similar improvement in his own performances.

"If I was being hypercritical I would say I still need to work on running a game a little bit more and my goal kicking could go up a few more percentage points.

"I am kicking about 75 per cent at the moment but I would aspire to at least 85. I know there aren't many kickers that do that but you have got to aim for something."

For his part Beale must be delighted that he has use of one of the best stand-offs in the National Leagues and although he will admit to admiring the 22-year-old's ability, his role is one of expectation management.

" He is becoming a player with more and more time when he has his hands on the ball," said Beale. "But for me, and he would say so himself, he still makes errors which we would like him not to be making."

Beale pointed to Saturday's match in which Thomas missed one glaring overlap by taking the ball on himself and erroneously backed himself to kick a long-distance penalty which would have been better putting into the corner.

"I am not playing him down, he is a valuable member of our squad and is a very, very important part of our future.

"If we can go up next year with Ollie at ten he will more than hold his own in National One because he will be that bit stronger and wiser."