John Terry is happy to admit Chelsea were not always the best team to watch as they won their second Premiership title.

Jose Mourinho's Blues often found themselves grinding out scruffy wins against teams determined to defend in numbers.

They were accused of winning without flair, much to Mourinho's annoyance but it did not lessen Terry's joy when he hoisted the Premiership trophy above his head.

Now the Chelsea skipper can see a parallel developing at the World Cup where England have taken maximum points from two ugly games.

He insists it is a good habit, to play poorly and win, even though England fans want to see their team turn on the style.

Terry said: "At Chelsea we face a lot of games like that, when teams come and put a lot of men behind the ball.

"It's always difficult to break down but, the other night, we didn't panic.

"We waited until the time was right to get deliveries in. We didn't all bomb forward and hope to get a goal.

"We were patient and waited, just like at Chelsea and it paid off."

England struggled past Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago but Argentina set the benchmark for flair with a 6-0 destruction of Serbia and Montenegro.

Terry said: "It would be nice to go and score six like Argentina but it's really encouraging we're top of the group, we've got six points, we haven't conceded and we're not playing well.

"That's got to be very encouraging because if we get better, our performances will improve.

"It doesn't take the edge off a win for us. Coming off the pitch knowing you've won and got the three points is the best feeling ever, whether we've played good or bad.

"It's two wins out of two, six points, it can't be much better. Let's be patient and encouraged by the fact we're not playing well but we're still getting the right results."

England's defensive unit are proud of the fact that they have not conceded a World Cup goal yet and want to stretch the shut-out far into the tournament.

Terry said: "For us at the back, a clean sheet is the same as one of the midfielders or the front lads grabbing a goal.

"We get a bigger boost coming off the pitch with that clean sheet and we're hoping to get another one against Sweden."

A clean sheet on Tuesday will be enough to earn the point England need to win Group B.

The players and their Swedish manager, however, are keen to beat the Swedes for the first time since 1968.

Terry said: "It's very important for us to top the group and there's a record to be set straight.

"We haven't beaten them for a while and we're going out there to win the game."

Sven Goran Eriksson has stressed the value of topping the group to his players because it throws them into a slightly better schedule of games.

The Group B winners will have one more day to prepare for the second round game, the quarter-final and the semi-final, if England get that far.

The Chelsea defender also sang the praises of strikers Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen, the latter having been the subject of some criticism following his below-par performances which have seen him substituted in both games.

"Marking him (Rooney) is a nightmare and he is looking sharp and ready to go.

"Owen would tell you he had 360 minutes in him as long as he playing, his touch is good and he looks sharp." ..SUPL: