Details of a haul of terrorist equipment found at the Birmingham home of an Islamist fanatic who plotted to kill a British soldier were revealed yesterday.

After Parviz Khan (37), was arrested at his house in Alum Rock, police found items throughout the property which was ready to be shipped to Pakistan, Leicester Crown Court was told.

In the hallway and living room, officers found signal detectors, binoculars, a hunting catalogue, heavy duty rubber gloves and a variety of torches.

A Sony camcorder, allegedly ordered by Khan's terrorist contacts in Pakistan to film their attacks on coalition forces, was also found.

Police found five packs of marksman kneepads in kitchen cupboards.

On the floor of the bathroom, they discovered a camping gas stove.

In the front bedroom, a wind-up torch, a knife catalogue, 12 boxes of hand warmers, torches and camcorders were found.

In a second bedroom, police unearthed rucksacks, sensors designed to detect movement on fishing lines, pairs of goggles, spotlights, a laser sight and three shoe care kits.

And in a rear bedroom, police found more torches, a 50-channel FM scanning receiver, a camouflage tent and insect repellent.

Khan pleaded guilty earlier this month to supplying equipment to terrorists operating on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

The trial in Leicester of two men accused with Khan of terrorist offences was told on Tuesday of his shipments to Pakistan from 2004 to 2006.

At the time, Khan described the shipments, weighing up to a tonne, as aid for earthquake victims, such as medicines and clothes, or "personal effects".

In fact, the cargoes included a range of equipment ordered by his terrorist contacts in Pakistan, such as electronic kit, sleeping bags, walkie talkies and waterproof map-holders.

When Khan was stopped by a port official in July 2006 on his return to the the United Kingdom he was found with a notepad.

"He was bringing a shopping list from terrorist contacts of materials they wanted sent back in the next delivery," said Nigel Rumfitt QC, prosecuting.

Equipment found at his home in the raid matches that written on the shopping list and contents of the shipments, said prosecutors.

In a simultaneous raid at the home of co-accused Zahoor Iqbal, police found a bag of CD and DVDs with Khan's fingerprints on them.

Khan has admitted the charge of engaging in conduct with the intention of committing acts of terrorism.

Between April 12 2006 and February 1 2007, the 37-year-old plotted to kidnap and murder a member of the British Armed Forces by luring off the streets on a night out with the promise of drugs, Leicester Crown Court was told.

He also pleaded guilty to two counts of being in possession of a document or record likely to be useful to a terrorist, namely a computer disc entitled 'How do I prepare myself for Jihad?' and a disc called 'Encyclopaedia Jihad'.

Two men, Basiru Gassama and Amjad Mahmood, were accused of knowing about Khan's plot but failing to disclose it to the authorities.

Gassama (30), of Radstock Avenue, Hodge Hill, pleaded guilty at a previous hearing.

Mahmood (32), of Jackson Road, Alum Rock, denies the same charge.

Khan and Mahmood were also charged with three other men of supplying equip-ment to terrorists operating in Pakistan operating close to the Afghanistan border.

Khan, Mohammed Irfan (31), of Asquith Road, Ward End, and Hamid Elasmar (44), of Bristol Road, Edgbaston, all pleaded guilty to engaging in conduct with the intention of assisting in the commission of acts of terrorism.

Iqbal (30), of Elmbridge Road, Perry Barr, and Mahmood deny the same count.

Iqbal has also pleaded not guilty to possessing a document or record likely to be useful to a terrorist, namely the 'Encyclopaedia Jihad' disc.

The trial of Iqbal and Mahmood was adjourned until today.