A baby was ordered off a plane because airline officials were worried that a spot on his head may be chickenpox, his family said yesterday.

Layton Condron was not allowed to fly home from Tenerife with his family, despite being checked by a doctor before the My Travel plane left.

Officials insisted the ten-month-old see a paediatrician for confirmation, and he was not allowed to fly to Newcastle.

His tearful parents, Chris and Caroline, left him with his grandparents, Liz and Graham Snaith, as his mother had to attend a job interview.

Mrs Snaith, from Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, said: "She (Caroline) sobbed her eyes out on the plane, she was so upset.

"She felt so guilty about leaving her baby behind."

Mrs Snaith said check-in staff believed Layton had chickenpox, although the family believed he had suffered insect bites.

They agreed to have him checked at the hospital where a doctor said he did not believe the baby had chickenpox.

But when they boarded the flight, the captain approached the family and said the baby needed a certificate clearing him to fly because Layton had received medical attention.

The baby's grandparents disembarked with Layton and took him to see a paediatrician in a local hospital, and paid £130 for a certificate which gave him the all-clear.

The family then caught a flight to Manchester the next day. A spokeswoman for the firm said: "Given the contagious nature of this illness, the captain took the necessary measures to ensure the health and well-being of the majority of his passengers.

"Direct Holidays assisted Mr and Mrs Snaith with onward travel to the hospital where a Fit to Fly certificate was issued."