A teenager who suffered brain damage after claiming he was punched unconscious by a rugby player told a jury yesterday the next thing he remembered after the attack was waking up in hospital two weeks later.

Stafford Crown Court was told 18 year-old Danny Shaw spent two months in hospital after being allegedly attacked by James Meakin and was still not completely fit.

Mr Shaw had launched a drunken unprovoked attack on one of Meakin's friends during a night out in Stour-bridge. In the altercation that followed Meakin is alleged to have punched Mr Shaw who then fell backwards hitting his head on the ground.

Meakin (26) of Brompton Drive, Brierley Hill, Dudley, who plays rugby for Stourbridge in the National League Division Three, denies inflicting grievous bodily harm on Mr Shaw in December last year.

Mr Shaw told the jury that he had "a fair few drinks but was not too drunk" shortly before the fight in Stourbridge town centre subway.

"I can't remember certain things. I had a few drinks with a friend then went to the Waterfront in Dudley to meet some girls," he said.

"I was drinking pints and had a fair few drinks. We then got a taxi and went to the Picture House in Stourbridge.

"I can't remember what I did there and I can't remember how long I was there and I don't remember leaving the Picture House. I don't remember walking to the subway. The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital two weeks later."

Graeme Simpson, prosecuting, said Mr Shaw had been drinking with friends and was ejected from a bar. "He was angry and he and a friend decided to go to get something to eat and headed towards the subway," he said.

"They separated for about ten seconds when they got into the subway. James Meakin was with two friends. As Danny Shaw got alongside them he punched one of the friends in the ear in an entirely unprovoked attack.

"James Meakin asked him why he had attacked his friend then punched Mr Shaw with such force he fell backwards hitting his head on the ground.

"The police were called and arrested Meakin and Mr Shaw was taken to hospital."

The trial continues.