As Arsene Wenger's foreign legion march on towards the semi-finals of the Champions League the debate rages as to why there are so few English players in his squad.

Wunderkind Theo Walcott was the only English player amongst Arsenal's 18-man squad and it a growing concern that could have long-term ramifications for the national team.

Former Wolves and Villa manager Graham Taylor is well aware of the problems that international managers face due to limited options but is also concerned by the dearth of young talent.

However, Taylor is optimistic his latest project could improve the technique of generations of young players for decades to come.

Eight years after discarding Tim Nye's original idea, Taylor has thrown his weight behind the revamped model known as kickgolf.

But Taylor isn't pitching this football-golf hybrid solely at the elite, as it is an idea he intends to promote to the masses.

"There is a lot of talk at present about Arsene and his non-English sides," said Taylor, promoting the launch of his new project at the Belfry.

"Having worked very closely with Arsene when I was at Watford for the second time, he does not believe that the English players have a good enough technique.

"By playing Kickgolf, in a crazy sort of way, you are practising your technique with a smile on your face. You have a goal at the end of the hole.

"The football I played in or managed wasn't always conducive to good football. You didn't have a chance to get the ball down and I can see where Arsene is coming from.

"I first met Tim [Nye, the creator of Kickgolf] back in 1998 and he has developed this to a level which I feel is a good project to support.

"I have seen footballers play it off the cuff. At Bodymoor Heath we built a makeshift nine holes and we would chip and bend the ball either way.

"It was a bit of a laugh and a joke and without realising it we were improving our technique. This is a game for all families and it combines football and golf philosophy.

"I am not looking to kid people and make money, as it is a non-profit making business for charity."

Nye has grand plans for his invention to be recognised as an Olympic Sport in the fore-seeable future.

* Anyone who fancies becoming a kickgolf champion can find out how by logging on to

The 1st UK Championship finals will be held at Alton Towers on Sunday May 21 where footballers past and present will take part in a Celebrity Corporate challenge with the winners of the qualifying competition.

The event will all be in aid of the War Child charity. See for more info.