Nottingham is the most popular destination for families moving and more people move on August 24 than any other date, research suggests.

The city made famous by Robin Hood was the most common destination for those moving despite its reputation for high crime, according to the Move Monitor, an annual report from Pickford's.

Data from 19,000 moves in 2005 revealed the most popular day to relocate was in time for the bank holiday weekend.

Buyers favoured Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Bristol and Edinburgh, and Bath and Reading featured in the top ten for the first time.

Nottingham was named the most crime-ridden place in England and Wales in a report published earlier this year by the think-tank Reform, which caused uproar among the local community.

Nigel Lewis, the editor of Location, Location, Location magazine, said: "It's refreshing to see that despite all the newspaper headlines about Nottingham's crime problems people have been able to see past this and appreciate the city's attractions - including a fast-regenerating centre and the pleasant, almost rustic suburbs around its university.

"Its popularity also has a lot to do with house prices, which are significantly lower in Nottingham than in other cities in the region."

The South-east was the busiest active region for relocations, as a quarter of all moves took place there, and the South-west received the largest number of newcomers, with 50 per cent of those moving to a property there coming from a different UK region.

Many movers chose to leave the UK entirely last year with a third of those polled moving abroad - an increase of 11.5 per cent on last year.

The most popular destination overseas was Perth, Australia.

More people moved there last year than moved to any single UK city. Four other Australian cities featured in the top ten foreign locations, which also included Dubai and Cape Town.

Pickford's spokesperson, Lyndsey Daykin, said: "The monitor revealed that while Australia remains the firm relocation favourite, Pickford's relocated people further afield than ever before.

"This year we moved twice as many people to Bulgaria as last year, and almost as many people to the United Arab Emirates as to France, which shows just how the international property market is changing.

"Organising relocations to 104 countries, from Argentina to Zambia, the Move Monitor reveals that people are prepared to consider all parts of the globe as their home."

UK's top moving destinations by city (2005 positions in brackets):

1 Nottingham (2) 2 Glasgow (1) 3 Newcastle (5) 4 Bristol (4) 5 Edinburgh (3) 5 Cambridge (7) 7 York (6) 8 Southampton (8) 9 Bath (new entry) 10 Reading (new entry)

Top overseas destinations (% of total 6,160 moves):

1 Australia (31%) 2 New Zealand (11%) 3 USA (10.5%) 4 Canada (6%) 5 South Africa (5%) 6 Spain (4.5%) 7 France (3.5%) 8 United Arab Emirates (3.5%) 9 Cyprus (2%) 10 Germany (1.5%)