Looking at this amateur football club's teamsheet should send shivers down their opponents' spines, with the likes of Thierry Henry, Christian Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney turning up for the kick-off.

Not only does it feature the best combined talents of Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool in the Premiership, these Solihull galacticos also include 'signings' from Barcelona, AC Milan and Real Madrid.

But they are not playing at Wembley or the Bernabeu stadium, instead they turn up every Sunday to play for lowly Lynam Athletic, who are languishing in Division Three of the Birmingham Coronation League Alliance.

The entire squad have changed their names by deed poll to match those of their footie heroes.

The team, which is based in Shirley, Solihull, also includes Ronaldinho, Kaka and Steven Gerrard. However, the players are in fact just a group of IT workers who have changed their names to match the famous ones on their football shirts.

Leading scorer Thierry Henry, who turns out to be 39-year-old Darren Yeomans, said: "We wanted to strike fear into the opposition and we certainly weren't going to do that with our footballing skills, so we hit on the idea of the names."

He scored 10 goals last season and earned two Man of the Match titles in the process. But unlike his namesake he has a clean sheet when it comes to referee bookings.

According to the club's official website, www.lynamathletic.co.uk, the Villa fan's finest moment was scoring two first-half goals during Aston Villa's soccer-aid charity match in 2007.

Player manager Dan Branch, who is better known as Brazilian defender Cafu on the pitch, said the idea was thought up over a pint in their local.

The 30-year-old said: "We're hoping it will give us a lot of confidence."

Skipper John Terry - Ian Flett, aged 28 - said: "It'll be tough against The Iron Horse because it's Ronaldinho's birthday the night before, Thierry and Ruud (van Nistelrooy) smoke 20 a day, and Gerrard is always half cut on a Sunday - nothing like their namesakes, of course."

But while the squad certainly looks impressive on paper, Lynam Athletic crashed out of the first round of the Delmar Cup on Sunday after a 5-1 thumping from Division Two opponents The Iron Horse.

However they remain a respectable sixth in Division Three with six points from three games.

The full squad is: Kevin Alban (Christiano Ronaldo) , Majid Ali (Ronaldinho), Jonathan Barber (Jamie Carragher), Paul Blears (Daniel Alves), Dan Branch (Cafu), Darryl Brown (Michael Essien), Marc Clifton (Ruud van Nistelrooy), Connor Edgcumbe (Steven Gerrard), Darren Yeomans (Thierry Henry), Ian Flett (John Terry), Chris Gray (Lionel Messi), Nick Hall (Kaka), Pete Hall (Iker Casilas), Neil Kimpton (Fabio Cannavaro), Andrew Mullan (Hernan Crespo), Jon Robins (Petr Cech), and Ben White (Wayne Rooney).