Sixty demonstrators occupied the main chamber at Birmingham City Council on Tuesday in protest at rising tuition fees.

Demonstrators, including students, walked through the main doors of the council house and staged a sit-in.

It followed a planned lunchtime protest where 100 demonstrators gathered close to the Bull Ring in a show of anger at plans that could see tuition fees rocket from £3,290 to as much as £9,000.

Student Poppy Watkiss said: “We need to do everything we can to bring this issue to the attention of central government.

“We’re not going to take this lying down, not just education but the public sector cuts across the board.

“We walked in. There was no violence or force.

“We have occupied the chamber which was empty and we are not disturbing a meeting.”

PhD student Ben Aylott, who was among the protesters at a side entrance to the building, said: “I am a bit surprised there wasn’t police here waiting to be honest.

“A lot of marches end up at the council house.

“As far as I can tell protesters just walked in to the council.”

The protest is the latest in a campaign of action by students who want the Government to scrap plans to lift the cap on the amount that universities can charge for degree courses.

Last week, about 40 students occupied the University of Birmingham’s Aston Webb building where they unfurled a banner and called for the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Prof David Eastwood.

Students also brought central London to a standstill with a protest at lunchtime.