Although most of the country doesn't watch Sky Sports, it's reassuring that at least one of their presenters hasn't forgotten the principles of being a journalist, rather than just thumping the tub for any sport they've hoovered up.

Step forward Jeff Stelling who put to Sam Allardyce the only question worth the candle. Live on air, he was asked if he'd ever taken a bung?

The Bolton Wanderers manager told him he was out of order, the Bolton chairman bristled and the exchange between Allardyce and Stelling was intriguingly absent in Sky's sports news over the next 24 hours. Yet Allardyce was in the news and it was a justifiable question.

I remain baffled why Sky allow themselves to be influenced by the football industry. They have bought up the sport, ushered untold riches into the Premiership, altered the lifestyle of millions of fans by messing around with kick-off times and yet they don't show any investigative zeal.

Perhaps that's why so many managers are happy to be guests on Sky. They know they'll get an easy trip, with no tricky questions.

Perhaps Sky could dispel some of this cliqueish cosiness by using Stelling more at the big games.