Don't make the mistake, as I did, of telling Stale Solbakken that Wolves' run of poor results could all turn about-face with one win.

Results matter to the Norwegian, but equally as important are performances.

You see short-term gains could be masking underlying problems.

And Solbakken is aiming at long-term solutions, rather than three points here and there.

'So, Stale... one win at Watford could change everything..' I offered.

"I hate saying something like that because it is the most easy thing to go and say – that one win here or one win there can make such a big difference," he politely responded.

"We need points and I think we should demand that and everyone should demand that from us.

"But we also have to look at the long term. When you are the manager of a big club like Wolves the one thing that matters is to get results.

"But for me, as we get results we must also make progress in other areas. That's about the way we play, the way the football goes and the future so we can keep up.

"That must also be the red line in the club when you talk about how our Academy players should be educated.

"If the right-back hits the ball up to the big number nine every time, and the Academy people sit and watch that, then it will continue.

"We must not be naïve and coming from Norway I have been educated in that."

Solbakken is after a gradual re-working of Wolves so that by the time they get to the Premier League they will require only marginal alterations to personnel rather than style.

"Playing in the Norwegian national team that was always the underdog and managed to climb up to the top three in the world," he said.

"And also 60 or 70 games in Europe for Copenhagen when you were underdog for the first three years before it changed slightly.

"From being a team which were defending and using counter attacks and set pieces, by the end we were a team who could control the ball and put our stamp on the game.

"That is also what the players want. It is a stupid thing for me to say at the moment because we haven’t won in six matches.

"But if we kick it long every time and the opposition kick it long every time then it is a lottery for me.

"I don’t want to be a part of a lottery."

Solbakken almost wants to get to a point where science can explain Wolves' results.

"I want to describe why we are winning and why we are losing and there is a plan," he said.

"If we stick to the plan and do it well then we win and if we don't we will not do that good.

"That for me has something to do with being professional at a club."