Seven games without a win. Two-a-penny in three years of strife in the top flight. But in the Championship?

It was never supposed to be thus.

Third to 16th is quite some fall from grace. You have to go back almost five years to the last Wolves team who struggled like to win games in the second tier.

A 3-0 home defeat to Neil Warnocks Crystal Palace in January 2008 put Mick McCarthys head on the chopping block. His team had fallen from third to 12th in a matter of weeks.

The fans have not agreed with one or two of my substitutions lately, but Im big enough and ugly enough to put up with that, McCarthy said after an eighth game without a win.

New signing Sylvan Ebanks-Blake was left out of the team for spending too many hours driving on the motorway from Plymouth.

Were getting punished, thats for sure, said McCarthy with echoes of today. Back then they turned it around with back-to-back wins at Scunthorpe and against Sheffield Wednesday and almost made the play-offs losing four of 19 games.

It doesnt help that memories of the title-winning side, who had scorched to 40 points from their opening 17 games four years ago, still burn brightly around Molineux.

The current crop are a full 18 points shy of that mark.

So the million dollar question: Can Wolves turn it around now?

Or will the blip become an ugly slide into the nether regions of the toughest of divisions to escape?

Solbakken is convinced a return to winning ways is imminent.

It is difficult to say (how many more points Wolves should be on) but I have talked about five or six points more and we would have been in an okay position, he said.

So that is maybe where we are short at the moment. What is important is that the players have responded well and have shown in the last two games that they really want to fight for the cause.

They have tried everything to put in good performances and to try to do what we have been working at on the training ground.

If there is one person to blame it is me. The players have stood up really well. I can only say it is one half or maybe one game in the season when I havent seen the effort and that was Burnley away.

In the other games I have seen a group of players who want to do their best with a new way of playing and with new challenges in a different league.

The Premier League is more difficult but you have to act differently in this league and adapt to it.

I cant really fault them for anything other than the Burnley game where I think the fighting spirit was not there. It has been there in all the other games and that gives us a good base.