Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre and a city rock club are both featured in a new book about Britain's most haunted sites written by celebrity medium Derek Acorah.

Haunted Britain identifies more than 100 of the country's scariest places to visit and features the author's tales of ghostly encounters.

Among the haunted hotspots is Edwards No. 8 Rock Club. The building was once used as a hospital for skin and rare diseases, and had a mortuary on the top floor.

Staff have reported a number of strange phenomena including tools and other utensils being moved, lifted into the air and used to make noises.

Some members of staff have refused to venture into the store room because they claim they feel they are sinking into the floor.

Club manager Colin Wall said the ghostly goings-on at his club may have contributed to its success.

He said: "At the end of November, Derek Acorah came in and took some photographs in here and his crew came in with him.

"He found some sort of entity and he thought she was a nurse."

The Alexandra Theatre is believed to be the home of the ghost of a former manager.

Leon Salberg ran the theatre in the 1930s and staff claim that his footsteps can be heard in one of the offices.