A Solihull couple have been granted permission to keep their children’s climbing frame in their back garden, after a battle with the council over planning regulations.

Pat and Eileen Fegan, from Tidbury Green, had to receive approval from the borough’s planning committee over the 3.75 metre-high wooden construction, which planning officers classed as a “building operation”.

Solihull Council said the reason the issue was taken to planning committee was because there had been a complaint regarding the construction, which meant it could not legally deal with it under delegated powers and the matter had to be decided by councillors.

But it said the climbing frame had received approval at a recent committee meeting.

The couple had paid hundreds of pounds to have the construction moved 0.9 metres inwards to comply with regulations but then discovered the matter had to be formally approved by a planning committee.

Mr Fegan said he was relieved the matter was resolved and the couple’s two children could enjoy the play area, built for them as a Christmas present.

He said: “The council wrote to us after the committee meeting with confirmation no further action was going to be taken and as far as they are concerned the matter was closed, which we were really pleased about.

“We were a bit surprised that it went as far as it did. It could all have been avoided if the person who complained had approached us in a more amicable manner.

“But the kids can enjoy it now. They absolutely love it.”