Dear Editor, I see that one of Birmingham’s oldest manufacturer has gone into administration this week.

Thomas Walker, based in Kings Norton has been producing metal fastenings (zip and buckles etc) since around 1867 for the clothing industry.

The economic downturn is remorseless. We sadly see the big “family favourite” companies such as Woolworths hit the headlines but these small companies working away in the background hardly provide a “ripple” in the media as they fail to survive and are lost forever.

Small companies such as Thomas Walker are the lifeblood of Birmingham.

I was hoping to see some help for the Thomas Walker’s of this world from our Government’s latest Budget, sadly it appears they will not be getting to much comfort out of what is proposed. What there is may well be too late for the 60 or so workers at Thomas Walker as the administrator seeks to find a buyer.

Alan Last

Kings Norton