Organisers of the Royal Show have invited French president Jacques Chirac to next year's event after his scathing attack on the state of British cuisine.

Dominque Loral, managing director of Haymarket Land Events which organises the event at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, said Mr Chirac's comments were "hopelessly out of touch".

Mr Chirac was reported as saying British food was, after Finnish cuisine, the worst in the world and that the country's only contribution to agriculture was mad cow disease.

Animal Health Minister Ben Bradshaw, who visited the show yesterday, retaliated by saying he found French food "too rich" and said Mr Chirac's views were out of date.

Ms Loral said: "You only have to wander around the Royal Show to see how hopelessly out of touch Mr Chirac is.

"Perhaps Mr Chirac would like to come to the 2006 Royal Show to find out for himself."