Television companies should turn off the sound and colour if a racist incident occurs in a football match, according to a Birmingham Euro MP.

Showing games in black and white would be a powerful statement against racism, according to Labour MEP Neena Gill.

She has signed a declaration calling for UEFA to take tougher action against racism, in advance of the World Cup in Germany.

MEPs are calling for heavy fines on football clubs for racist incidents, both on and off the pitch.

They want referees to be given the power to blow the final whistle and abandon the matches, as soon as a substantial racist incident occurs.

And they are calling on television companies to switch off the sound or change the broadcast to black and white when a substantial racist incident occurs, to send a clear message that racism will not be tolerated.

Ms Gill (Lab West Midlands) said: "It is about sending a strong message, because sometimes fining a club is not enough.

"Some clubs feel there is no reason for them to tackle racism, but if it affected television coverage, they would not be able to ignore the issue."

England's black players were subjected to a torrent of racial abuse during a "friendly" match against Spain in Madrid 16 months ago.

Labour MEP Claude Moraes, who authored the declaration, said: "The media is a powerful player in tackling this issue. They have the power to use imaginative devices such as switching off the sound, switching to black and white coverage, or interrupting matches with written messages on the screen explaining why coverage has been altered or stopped."