The demise of Top of the Pops was lamented on both sides of the Commons yesterday as one senior Tory suggested a Government-inspired fantasy playlist.

Shadow Commons Leader Theresa May came immediately unstuck, however, by erroneously attributing a Kaiser Chiefs track to the White Stripes.

Commons Leader Jack Straw noted wryly that this exposed the dangers of politicians "of a certain age" affecting knowledge from a younger generation.

During exchanges on future parliamentary business, Mrs May regretted the decision, arguing that pop songs could be very relevant to politics.

"For example, given his recent problems, I wonder if the Home Secretary should listen to the U2 track I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For? Perhaps we could have a touch of Dire Straits for the Deputy Prime Minister - with their track Money for Nothing?

"I suppose the Chancellor might look to Diana Ross - You Keep me Hanging On.

"And perhaps the Prime Minister would like The Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go."

Mr Straw declined to compete.