It's been another actionpacked week. Warwickshire enjoyed a really satisfying victory over Sussex and also felt at first hand the frustration of our followers as we staged a 'supporters' forum.'

It was my first forum so I wasn't sure what was in store for me. I expected some tough questions and, boy, did I get them! On the bright side, it showed there is a huge amount of passion for this club. That can only be a good thing. Maybe it would help if such events were staged more often.

We accept that we will receive some criticism. Indeed, there have been times this season when we've deserved it. Generally, however, I'm grateful for the way our supporters have stuck with us. I know the team appreciate that and it really does help to have that backing.

We all - team, followers, everyone - started the season with high expectations. I still think that was right but I can't pretend that things have worked out as we planned.

The success of the mid-1990s has led to high expectations at Warwickshire and we haven't lived up to them.

I was a bit surprised to hear people question our commit-ment. I can assure our supporters that, whatever the results, there has been no lack of effort from any of the play-ers. I've given 100 per cent every day of my career and I would hope that people can see that. It doesn't mean everything will always go as I want it, but it's the only way I know how to play.

One of the questions was about our body language on the pitch. Generally, I don't agree. I accept there have been times when it could have been better, but it is understandable that it will reflect the confidence and performance of the players.

All the guys take pride in their own performances but they also feel it deeply when they don't live up to their own high standards.

We can't live in fairyland: there have been times when the players have been embarrassed by their performances. At such times, you can't expect them to strut around like the Chelsea of cricket. There aren't too many extrovert players in the team, either, which can mean there is sometimes nobody to lighten the mood.

We let ourselves down in Scarborough. We batted poorly against some good swing bowling. Although we bowled well at times, we didn't do it consistently. Our fielding was a long way below par.

As captain and one of the senior players, I accept it is my responsibility to lead the way. That hasn't always been easy this summer but, rest assured, on and off the pitch, I will not stop working.

I haven't been performing as I would have liked. I've worked hard, though, and feel I've recovered some batting form. With more hard work, I hope to return to my best with the ball.

One of the main problems this season has been the pitches. Both home and away, they have been tricky.

This side's strength is in its batting. Our attack is probably best described as workmanlike, so it is important we score lots of runs but on such pitches that's proved almost impossible. I think the team's confidence has taken a real knock to see players as good as Nick Knight struggling a bit.

The win against Sussex came after Nick had put us in a great position with a century - us senior players have to perform to instil confidence.

We've also seen how important it is to have a frontline spinner. Paul Harris has been superb and gives me so many more options in the field. In the first innings, he operated in a holding role and, in the second, he exploited the conditions perfectly. The wicket of Murray Goodwin, which was absolutely crucial, was the result of some very fine bowling.

We performed a great deal better against Sussex. It was a good team performance. Ian Westwood, Michael Powell, Neil Carter and Tim Ambrose were superb while Jimmy Anyon was excellent and deserved many more wickets.

We still collapsed in the second innings, which is a concern, but I'm delighted how the team responded to the loss at Scarborough. I'm confident we can build on it.