Dear Editor, The founder of the concept of the horrendous salmon fish fingers should be hung, drawn and quartered.

There is a reason as to why salmon fish fingers did not exist up until this very moment. The ­entire concept is flawed; not only is the consistency of salmon completely inappropriate for a fish finger but fish fingers should never be pink!

For example, 100 per cent mortgages were ­unheard of for a reason; mortgage bearers would be unable to keep up repayments thus eventually resulting in an economic crisis.

The same principle can be applied to salmon fish fingers.

They didn’t exist for a reason; the concept does not work, They could further exacerbate a downturn in the economy. I understand this is not breaking news, however, I felt compelled to share my experience so that others will not fall into this web of deceit.

Zeshaan Ali , via email