Dear Editor, I wondered if you could pass on my sympathies to Peter Cadbury at this sad time, given what has taken place at Cadbury.

The whole nation, not just the West Midlands, is in shock at present.

I enjoyed reading Peter’s comments and agree with them.

I also agree with Sir Adrian Cadbury’s comments on the BBC when he said something to the effect that the new owner has to take the values, ethos and legacy of Cadbury’s seriously, honour all that has gone before and is planned for the future and be true to the Cadbury name.

My own great-great-uncle, Alderman Reuben Farley, was a Victorian Midland industrial contemporary to John Cadbury, the founder of Cadbury.

My ancestor also battled with the great Birmingham mayor Jo Chamberlain for the gas supply and won – making West Bromwich an independent town in its own right during the 19th century.

He became the first mayor of West Bromwich in the 1880s and held the position a further four times up to 1898.

The likes of my ancestor are probably turning in their graves at the current state of the British manufacturing industry.

Ian Payne,