Something must have been lost in the transmission of Craig Voisey's pre-match call for the complete performance.

In the build up to this clash in Wharfedale the Moseley tighthead urged his side to combine the defensive solidity of last weekend's draw with Cornish Pirates, with the attacking flair demonstrated a few weeks before in the victory over Bristol.

Unfortunately what came out was the offensive inertia of their 9-9 draw last time out and the porous rearguard that made the win at the Memorial Stadium all the more miraculous.

Leeds scored six tries, Moseley none - and they were lucky to get that so cackhanded were their attempts to break down a good but not formidable home team.

Moseley had some promising positions but invariably they'd mess up a lineout, force an off-load or be penalised for isolating themselves or entering a ruck through the wrong door.

Which meant that while Leeds could indulge Dave Doherty's weaving runs off his wing, the former Pirate scored twice through the middle, the visitors had to settle for four Ollie Thomas penalties.

Indeed, they've had to suck the marrow out of those meagre rations for the last two weeks now and haven't scored a try since Ben Pienaar rode a drive over the line in the 62nd minute of the Disaster at Doncaster.

Indeed all they've got to show for their last five hours and 20 minutes of Championship rugby are two mauled touchdowns. Somehow the total of the parts in their backline is less than the sum.

Which suggests Moseley need to return to the drawing board and it is as well they have next week off, as the schedule has been cleared for the Championship select to take on the New Zealand Maoris.

Moseley might hope a couple of the touring squad claim political asylum and an inexplicable, subconscious desire to play in Red and Black and call Billesley Common home.

Because something is lacking. None of their commendably committed players are playing horrendously poorly but by the time they traipsed off after this match, they looked a little lost. And not only because they were on unfamiliar territory in this picturesque corner of Yorkshire.

Every one of them had made one or two mistakes and the cumulative result was that Leeds had a couple of dozen errors with which to dispel Moseley's pressure and build plenty of their own.

And once again Mose allowed the opposition to compile a healthy buffer inside the first 20 minutes. From an attacking position in the sixth minute and a stolen lineout in the Leeds 22 in the 15th, they ended up conceding tries to Freddie Burdon and Richard Beck.

A third came as Adam Caves threw over the back of his own lineout and Doherty picked his way over by the sticks and the bonus point was conceded just before the interval when the winger took Joe Ford's pass 5m home.

Thomas tried to keep Moseley in touch but it was to no avail and the second period proceeded much as the first had, with the visitors unable to keep possession long enough to ask questions of the Leeds defence.

Indeed it was a credit to Moseley's overused rearguard that Leeds managed just two more tries, from James Doherty and Lee Imiolek. Nevertheless it was a worrying afternoon for Kevin Maggs's men.

LEEDS: McColl; Goss (Wilson 70), Griffin, Burden, Doherty D; Ford, Doherty J ( Hampson 65); Lockwood (Imiolek 56), Graham (Nilsen 48), Tussac (Hooper 56), Green, Hemingway (Smith 65), Beck (Burrows 54), Rowan, Baldwin.

MOSELEY: Carter; Robinson B (Hunt B 66), Hunt S, Hayter, Thomas (King 54); Hughes, Brown (Glynn 68); Thorp, Caves (Wilkes 68), Voisey, Lockley (Mather 75), Hicks, Lawrence, Robinson O, Pienaar (Burrows 66). Replacement: Hilton

Referee: Steve Lee (RFU)