Truckers' and bikers' biggest dislike on motorways is middle lane-hogging motorists, while car drivers' main motorway bugbear is lorry drivers who cut them up.

And truckers are also none too keen on "swoopers" - motorists who make late decisions to leave the motorway and cut across lanes to reach their exit.

Motorway users all cited tailgating and poor lane discipline as pet hates in a survey, by the RAC Foundation and the Freight Transport Association (FTA), for National Motorway Month.

RAC Foundation campaign manager Sheila Rainger said: "The key to inter-tribal harmony between different motor-way users is better understanding of each other's strengths and limitations.

"Shared respect for the rules of the motorway will also help warring tribes be replaced by good motor-way neighbours."

Geoff Dossetter, of the Freight Transport Association, said "Lorry drivers are full-time professionals, with strict controls imposed on their driving hours. Their training and examination process is far more rigorous than for cars, and they do their best to show tolerance and patience. This explains their admirable safety record."