Dear Editor, Since retirement I have read more Post articles than ever before and detect that the authors of some tumble over themselves to agree with the government of the time.

I cannot say whether this applies to the pension article by Russell Luckock (April 20) but we all know to increase the age of retirement is all about money and not the welfare of our citizens.

Like the author after three years of retirement I feel I should have taken the option of continuing for another five years.

However, I was recently brought down to earth when my boss of 10 years, who was looking forward to his retirement, passed away, younger than 65.

I still wonder what it would have been like to continue to work until 70, but I am grateful that I have had the option to retire and enjoy some freedom together with my family.

People who are intent on raising the pension age are probably those that will retire at 65 (or before) with their financial future secure, unlike those who will have to continue beyond.

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