Almost a quarter of British Muslims say the 7/7 bombings can be justified because of the Government's support for the war on terror, according to an opinion poll.

And nearly half of those polled, or 45 per cent, believe the 9/11 attacks on New York were a conspiracy between the US and Israel.

The survey, for last night's Channel 4 Dispatches documentary, found Muslims under the age of 24 were twice as likely to justify the 7/7 attacks as those aged over 45.

It found 24 per cent across all age groups either agreed or tended to agree that the 7/7 bombings were justified, although 48 per cent said they "strongly disagreed" and 17 per cent said they did not know.

Almost four in ten surveyed for the Channel 4 poll believe another attack will be launched in the UK by British-born Muslim terrorists.

A third of those questioned said they would rather live under Sharia law in the UK than British law.

The survey also reveals concerns among Muslims about Britain's moral standards, with 40 per cent saying it is a country of bad moral behaviour, and 66 per cent saying parents allow their children too much freedom.