Daredevil Andrew Kelly gives an exhilarating thumbs-up as he speeds across the city on a wire.

He was one of 180 people who braved the heavy rain to zipline and abseil down the Mailbox for a blindness charity.

Alec Longhurst, marketing manager for Birmingham Focus on Blindness, said: "The Lord Mayor, John Hood, had come down in full ceremonial dress to give us his support on the Saturday. But after a few words from the Lady Mayoress, he decided to have a go.

"He ziplined 400 feet from the Mailbox, went under a bridge, and then landed on the other side of the canal.

"He was worried that his chains would end up in the canal but he was such a good sport."

The charity hopes the event will raise #30,000 to help thousands across the city who are sight-impaired or blind.

Mr Longhurst said: "We are a local charity and the people of Birmingham have come out to support us - it has been wonderful."