A team of documentary makers will be in Birmingham this weekend to speak to commuters who have had nightmare transport experiences.

The SMG TV Productions company is filming a short film about the British transport system for the Channel 4 Dispatches programme.

The group will arrive in the city tomorrow and will remain there until Sunday.

The aim of their journey is to encourage members of the public who have filmed their poor travel experiences on camera phones or home videos to contact them and share their footage.

These videos will then feature in an hour-long documentary, which will be presented by former transport commissioner for London, Bob Kiley.

Mr Kiley is examining the state of the road, rail and bus networks.

He will also attempt to travel the length and breadth of Britain using public transport to gain an understanding of the fundamental errors in the system.

Jim Manson, executive producer of SMG TV Productions, said: "Bob Kiley presents a case for a major overhaul of the way our transport system operates but in order to offer solutions, we need input from the public. We want to hear all about their experiences."

Members of the public can send footage to traffic@smg.plc.uk.