Warwickshire will today announce Colin Povey as their chief executive.

The 45-year-old Povey, former chief executive of Carlsberg UK, will succeed Dennis Amiss in April and fulfils the club's criteria of appointing a specialist businessman to the role.

Povey's appointment marks a bold step into the future for Warwickshire. He represents a break from traditional chief executives, signalling the desire to embrace a more modern culture.

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He has a good track record as a forward-thinking, successful businessman. Indeed, he is the antithesis of the retired cricketer or golf-club type so often found in cricket committee rooms.

Educated at Lancaster Royal Grammar school, Povey studied modern history at Liverpool University before joining engineering firm TI Group as an industrial relations officer. He moved to Thames Water just before privatisation but was head-hunted to become Carlsberg-Tetley's human resources director in 1995.

After being commercial director he became chief executive in January 2001. Married, he has three young children.

Nor is he without empathy for sport. He has been a keen club cricketer and rugby player and represented Britain at water polo in three European Championships. He is a non-executive director of Northampton Saints.

Povey inherits a financially-sound club with a very strong cricketing infrastructure. Under new coach, Mark Greatbatch, a thorough review of the coaching, scouting and playing systems has been undertaken. It may take time for this to yield fruit but it will surely do so.

Yet challenges lie ahead. One of Povey's first priorities will be to secure the funding for the planned new pavilion. With the building price expected to top £10 million it will be far from easy. His ability to do this may well define his period at the club.

He will also need to acquaint himself with the somewhat antiquated system upon which the club is built. Previous attempts at change have been stifled by sub-committees that appear to talk much and achieve little. If he can streamline the management without offending members, he will have done much to make the club thrive.