Not every manufacturer is a car giant or a household name like Cadbury.

Many are small businesses. But between them, those small businesses are the backbone of the economy.

One example is Stephen Hammon’s business producing “quad pods” – small carriages for children allowing them to travel in style as they are towed by a motorised four-wheel bike, known as a quad bike.

As we report, he’s been selling the invention to sites in Scotland, Northern Ireland and France – and even to a theme park in the Congo.

It’s a great example of a small business innovating, developing new products and successfully exporting them.

While this one product isn’t going to turn Britain’s economic fortunes around, it is an example of the type of thing that will. Because it’s small businesses that employ the most people in this country, and small businesses that we’re all depending on to ensure the West Midlands economy helps lead the way in driving economic growth across the UK.