Food fight! Two of Britain’s top chefs have been throwing bread rolls at each other over the medium of Twitter.

Luckily, the pair quickly made up again. But it does illustrate the dangers of being too quick off the Tweet.

Humour doesn’t travel well on the internet. A jab at a rival, told with a wink at over a glass of wine, comes across very differently in the context-less world of Twitter, where there’s no tone of voice.

A Twitter row is conducted in public – which is easy to forget when you’re tapping your comments into a keyboard. But while this may seem like a trivial matter, it does raise draw attention to an important one, which is the existence of some remarkable summer menus.

French rabbit, sea bass, veal tongue and raspberry Eton mess – it all sounds worth Tweeting about.

And if Mr Turner wishes to post pictures of his petit fours on the Internet he should go right ahead.

If the chefs are passionate about food, that’s to be expected. Many of their diners are too.