A fine time was had by all when the great and the good of Birmingham descended on Westminster for a reception in the House of Commons.

It’s fair to ask whether anything was achieved that couldn’t have been done in Birmingham – given that the vast majority of those in attendance had actually travelled down from New Street earlier in the evening.

But as it turned out, the outing was something of a triumph. No fewer than three cabinet ministers were in attendance, including Birmingham MP Andrew Mitchell. And getting all those MPs in the same room as Birmingham’s business and council leaders is quite a feat, whether they’re at home in Birmingham or in a Commons reception room.

Mike Whitby’s speech was also interesting, and he is entitled to point out that he was quick to recognise the growing importance of China.

But he does give the impression that he single-handedly saved MG.

A little less “me” and a bit more “us” might be appropriate from the great leader.