Is there anyone who believes it’s “fair” that the nation is suffering because of the stupidity of bankers who bought and sold debt vehicles which they barely understood?

Can it be right that we are forced to pay to bail out the banks? And can it be right for bankers to receive huge bonuses when other people are losing their jobs because of the foolishness of their industry?

Come to think of it, is even the most ardent defender of the free market really happy with the huge gulf that exists between hard working and talented people in the middle of society and the wealth of the top one per cent?

At best, it could be seen as an unfortunate but necessary side effect of capitalism. It’s not a good thing.

So far, so radical. We’re not going to dismiss the concerns of protesters camped outside St Paul’s. Like them, we think many things in life are jolly unfair.

But what to do about it? Um, er, that’s where it becomes difficult.

What’s remarkable about the protesters is how few of them seem to be calling for a real change - the introduction of socialism, anarchism or some new system, perhaps.

Instead, they seem to be hoping for a world rather like the one we have now, but a bit nicer.

Aren’t we all?