Campaigners have launched a petition for the reopening of a railway station to serve residents of north Solihull and east Birmingham.

Derek Johnson, a Castle Vale-based Conservative Party campaigner, launched the petition after he carried out a survey of residents on proposals to re-open Castle Bromwich station to passengers.

He canvassed opinion of people who live in the estate the day before The Birmingham Post reported yesterday that the passenger transport authority was considering reopening a number of stations across the region.

Castle Bromwich station, which is in present day Castle Vale, was closed to passengers in 1968 and the line is currently used for freight transport.

However, Mr Johnson said residents of Castle Bromwich, along with Castle Vale, Bromford and Shard End, would benefit from it being reopened to passengers.

He said: "As well as the economic advantages, a train station in Castle Vale would also provide environmental benefits for east and north Birmingham, as there would be less traffic and pollution on both the A47 Spine Road and Tyburn Roads.

"For me, any proposal to increase passenger capacity on our local rail network is a 'no-brainer'. The economic, environmental, and quality of life benefits to people like those living in Castle Vale are immense."

The petition will call on Centro and Birmingham City Council to back the plan.