Two games has made a hell of a difference.

An average season for West Bromwich Albion striker Peter Odemwingie has suddenly been transformed into a potentially better one than last year.

Odemwingie’s three goals against Wolverhampton Wanderers and his brace versus Sunderland – remembering he was subbed with about 10 minutes to go on Saturday – have given him 10 goals for the season.

His tally doubled in the space of about 130 minutes from the first to the final strike over the course of the two games.

And emulating last season’s total of 15 goals now is very much within his sights.

“At one point I wouldn’t say I gave up on the 15 but I wanted to get into double figures because it didn’t look like I was going to be scoring,” admitted Odemwingie.

“But now after the last two games I’m confident. I scored in five games in a row last season and if I can repeat that I will get my 15.”

Odemwingie’s relationship with Hawthorns manager Roy Hodgson has always been a little strained.

Yet the striker feels that the chemistry has been key to the transformation in his fortunes.

“I wanted to know his plans and what he had in his head and if there was any doubt about me and my commitment to the club,” added Odemwingie.

“I did speak to him and he said “100 per cent” that he wanted to work with me and I had a lot of things to offer.

“I shouldn’t take his frustration and that anger towards me.

“He always wanted me to play for his team but sometimes I wasn’t available because of a bad spell with injuries.

“But he said 100per cent that he wanted to work with me and he was happy. We don’t agree sometimes or always have the same opinion but it’s not meant any change for me.”

Odemwingie was subject of a ridiculously contrived deadline link with Fulham - which was swiftly laughed off by Hodgson.

Speculation about his future has been rife since last summer but in truth the 30-year-old is more than happy at The Hawthorns.

“I’m very happy in West Brom and I’m happy to stay,” added the Uzbekistan-born Nigeria international.

“But at a point when I had a few thoughts that there could be a little chance something was wrong somewhere, we needed to clear the air. It was cleared and it was very good.

“It had nothing to do with anything else, it was a fitness thing. I am the total opposite of a player who doesn’t want to play through pain and the doctor himself knows that.

“I enjoy the Premier League too much to even miss a game against the lowest team. I never want to miss it.

“One week I didn’t play and my mum said she couldn’t wait to watch me again.

“My mum is in Moscow and watches West Brom games on the national channel. Everyone watches it.

“I like to be 100 per cent to be aggressive in my sprinting and body contact. The first ankle injury was a bad one and really disturbed me.

“When you doubt a little bit it gets only worse with a few bad games and it all mounts up. But now I feel really good.”