A notorious Birmingham clamper has been banned from trading after a decade of causing misery to hundreds of motorists in the city.

Clamping industry watchdog Security Industry Authority (SIA) has taken action against Gary Southall after he refused to pay County Court judgments.

Legal proceedings were brought against Southall last year after Birmingham Trading Standards received 190 complaints in a two-year period about his car clamping companies Nationwide Parking Control, which is now defunct, and National Parking Control.

But the businessman, 47, tried to pay his £1,300 legal bill to Trading Standards officers – with a shopping trolley of 1p pieces. He took the 130,000 pennies to a Trading Standards office in Garretts Green after being ordered to contribute towards the consumer watchdog’s court costs.

Trading Standards Officers refused to accept the payment and reported his failure to settle his debts to the SIA and encouraged them to take action against him.

Last year a retired Birmingham couple had to borrow money off their parish priest after clampers towed their car away while they were in church.

Paddy and Betty Mitchell had to pay £375 after Southall’s clampers towed their car away while they attended a St Patrick’s Day service in Digbeth. Working out of his sealed compound in Moseley Street, Digbeth, Southall and colleagues earned thousands of pounds from unsuspecting motorists. His firm National Parking Control clamped more than 20 vehicles as thousands celebrated St Patrick’s Day.

Mr Southall said: “They’ve (SIA) got to do what they’ve got to do and I’m not that worried. I will live to fight another day. It is only for one CCJ anyway and I’ve paid that now, it is not a big deal.”

Councillor Neil Eustace said: “I am pleased to see that the Security Industry Authority has finally revoked Mr Southall’s licence to operate as a wheel clamper.”