Plans for a Tesco supermarket will turn Moseley into an ‘urban nightmare’ and lead to independently-owned businesses going bust, residents have claimed.

More than 100 residents unanimously rejected proposals to turn the derelict Meteor Ford site on the corner of St Mary’s Row and Oxford Road, into a mixed use complex, complete with mock Tudor facade.

Simon Marsh, from Exmax, presented dramatically scale-down new plans, consisting of the supermarket, 14 apartments, a three-storey medical practice and 103 car parking spaces at a ward committee meeting on Wednesday.

While general support was given to the extended and improved medical facility from both Wake Green Surgery and the objectors, the rest of the proposals were met with strong opposition.

Despite a traffic survey and a reassurance from Mr Marsh that “there won’t actually be that much traffic” there were major concerns voiced that the Tesco and a new traffic lights system would add to already heavy congestion in the area.

He also said the supermarket came with the development as a whole and could not be separated.

Esther Boyd, from Queenswood Road and Moseley Forum, said: “There are a number of off-licences, newsagents, flower shops, chemists and sandwich shops, which are going to be effected by Tesco.

“It would also have a devastating effect on Sainsbury’s and Somerfield as neither have parking.

Barnard Borham, of Moseley Road, said: “The whole thing is too big, the centre of Moseley village will change forever.”

Councillor Ernie Hendricks (Lib Dem Moseley and Kings Heath) said: “This has huge potential to damage the very fragile shops here. What we actually need in Moseley is more families and not more Tescos. This will turn Moseley into an urban nightmare and it’s clear that people do not support this development.”

Residents have until April 1 to put forward their concerns to Birmingham City Council.