A computer training centre in Birmingham has apparently gone bust with the likely loss of up to 30 jobs.

The American-based New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is regarded as the largest independent IT training company worldwide.

It operates training centres around the globe, but all four of its bases in England, which includes one in Birmingham, have now suddenly closed. An administrator may now be appointed to help determine their future.

Calls to the Birmingham centre, situated in Edison House, Innovation Square, Edmund Street, were answered by a woman who said they were “in liquidation”.

“It happened on Monday and we are waiting for liquidators to be assigned to us. There were about 30 of us at the Birmingham centre but there’s just me and another girl to answer the phones. Everyone else has been told not to come to work.”

New Horizons also has learning centres in London, Leeds and Manchester, but the Birmingham woman added: “All the centres are closed.”
Calls to the other centres, as well as a freephone helpline, were also being diverted to Birmingham.

It is not known whether the problems relate to just the UK arm of New Horizons, or are more widespread. Although there are difficulties accessing the UK website, the main US site continues to portray the company as “the single source” for all IT training needs of many small, medium and large organisations.

It boasts: “We offer more courses, at more times and in more locations than any other computer and business training company.

“Businesses and individuals can choose from hundreds of course offerings, delivered by experts, and offered in hundreds of convenient locations around the world.”

It adds that New Horizons has a training programme to fit any company or any individual need, and also does more Microsoft technical and certification training than any other company.