A millionaire businessman has offered to pay for a woman's cancer treatment after her ten-year-old daughter made a heartfelt appeal to her MP for help.

Susan Morgan, aged 41, from Coton, near Whitchurch, in Shropshire, was diagnosed with breast cancer but told by her primary care trust that she would have to pay £47,000 if she wanted the breast cancer drug Herceptin because it would not fund it.

Mrs Morgan's daughter Katie wrote to her local MP Owen Paterson asking for help, saying she and her two sisters and younger brother "would like my mum to be here when we grow up".

She told the Conservative MP that she had started selling eggs from her parent's farm to friends, teachers and other parents at Whixall School to help raise money for the drug.

After hearing about the anonymous benefactor, Mrs Morgan's husband Rob, said: "Obviously we are over the moon, it's an extremely generous act.

"We will be continuing the fight for the six or so other women who have been refused Herceptin to have it made available on the NHS."

The family has received donations from a number of people after Katie's letter was made public.

But they are also angry that they have had to rely on someone else's generosity and feel the Government should introduce a uniform policy on the drug's availability.

Mrs Morgan was diagnosed with HER 2 form of breast cancer last May. She also had tests to see if she was suitable for treatment using Herceptin - and they proved positive.

She is currently in remission, but studies have suggested the drug can halve the chances of the cancer returning.

At present it is only licensed by the NHS for treatment of secondary cancers, and not early stage or primary forms of the disease, which means patients face a postcode lottery over whether or not local PCTs will fund the treatment.

If the family lived two miles west, inside the Welsh border, Mrs Morgan would find the Wrexham health board's policy is to provide breast cancer patients with Herceptin.