A young mother who died following an altercation with a gang of youths at a city centre bus stop was probably unlawfully killed, the Birmingham coroner has said.

But Aidan Cotter told an inquest he could not record a verdict of unlawful killing because the evidence was not strong enough.

Tracey Cullum remonstrated with the gang in Colmore Row when they pushed ahead of her in the queue on July 2 last year.

As a result of the incident, the 31-year-old of Minden Grove, Selly Oak, fell, broke her ankle and died as a result of a blood clot at Selly Oak Hospital the following month.

Detectives investigating the death have failed to track down a black-hooded teenager who allegedly assaulted the woman in front of her 12-year-old son.

The coroner said: "It is more likely than not it was unlawful killing but I cannot record it because I cannot be sure.

"It seems quite clear that there was an assault but it could be that there is another explanation, less likely, but possible."

In recording an open verdict, the coroner said he hoped more evidence would be established so progress could be made through the criminal courts.

He said: "The chances of the person who struck the blow admitting it is probably zero but if he has got people who were with him sooner or later there is a good chance one will fall out with him and go and tell the police and then maybe justice will be done."

The coroner said CCTV evidence was not as good as people thought and the chances of the bus driver making a positive identification were very small. He said if Miss Cullum had died immediately after the incident it was possible police would have put more resources into the investigation. ..SUPL: