The West Midland MPs who created a video mocking David Cameron and inviting voters to sleep with his wife have removed the film and apologised.

The video, broadcast on the internet, featured Birmingham MP Sion Simon (Lab Edgbaston) calling himself "Dave" and wearing a baseball cap and T-shirt.

It was filmed by Tom Watson (Lab West Bromwich West), who placed it on the popular YouTube website.

The video, which was viewed by 55,000 people in the week it was online, was criticised by Conservative and Labour MPs including Cabinet Minister Jack Straw.

But Mr Watson has now removed the film and both MPs said they were sorry for any offence they had caused.

Mr Watson said: "I thought it was satire. Others didn't. On reflection they were right.

"I unreservedly apologise for any offence caused."

Mr Watson is to continue with his own series of videos, in which he appears as himself and talks about issues such as party funding and the debate over Muslim women wearing veils.

Mr Simon said: "It was Tom's decision to take it down but one with which I am perfectly comfortable.

"We were trying to make some very serious political points and doing so in a hard-edged and quite unconventional way.

"I have made it clear from the beginning there was never any intention whatsoever to cause offence and if anybody has been offended in any way at all then I am sorry."

The footage which has been removed showed Mr Simon speaking to the camera in a lounge, calling himself "Dave".

He said: "Yo. My name's Dave, yeah? Thing is, I'm just like you. I've got the same worries, the same troubles, the same cares, the same trouble and strife. Want to sleep with my wife? That's cool. Come down, check it out, we'll sort it out. Safe."

He added: "I've got two kids - kid one, kid two. You like them? Take one - that's cool."

The video, which is just over a minute long, is a send-up of the Tory leader's much-vaunted WebCameron project, for which he has been filmed talking in his kitchen while doing the washing-up.

Mr Cameron's wife, Samantha, and his children feature in the WebCameron film. The Conservative leader has also referred to them repeatedly in major speeches.

But Mr Straw, the Leader of the Commons, criticised Mr Simon's film earlier this week, saying: "We have to ensure that political discourse is at a reasonably high level, and avoid personal attacks."

Peter Luff, Tory MP for Mid Worcestershire, condemned Mr Simon for overstepping the bounds of decency.

"When you go over the top like this, you bring all of us in politics into disrepute.

"Anyone in politics is fair game. But this goes beyond what is acceptable and Sion should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. He should get it taken down. It's his wife and children. I just can't believe that a fellow MP would stoop so low. It's highly offensive.

"Imagine how anybody else's wife and children would feel if this was said about them."

He added: "It's an insane thing to do."

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