Dear Editor, Your report about the anti-hunt campaigner who was cleared of killing a hunt supporter with the blade of a gyrocopter gives the wrong impression starting with the title ‘Hunt clashes will go on, protesters warn after manslaughter trial ends’, (Post March 18).

Hunt monitors are not ‘protesters’. They simply share the concern of many other ordinary people that local hunts are breaking the law by continuing to hound foxes despite the hunting ban.

They choose to risk their own safety by attempting to film the activities of huntsman and hounds which they present as evidence to the police if law breaking is suspected.

Your report also implies that both monitors and hunt supporters are equally aggressive to each other but where is the evidence to support this suggestion? Both sides are equipped with camcorders and yet we only ever see footage of hunt supporters being appallingly aggressive towards the monitors.

The pertinent fact reported in your article and elsewhere is that a Warwickshire hunt master admitted to previously hatching a plan with the deceased man and other hunt members to ambush the gyrocopter.

This says it all in my opinion and is confirmed by your quote from Clare Rowson, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, when she says, “The only thing that Trevor Morse set out to do was to...stop them taking off.”

G E Purser,