Dear Editor, Whilst reading about Kerrang! in the Birmingham Post (February 4), we noticed it was suggested that the radio station had beaten BRMB in audience size.

Whilst this may have been a burst of enthusiasm, and we have great fondness for our colleagues down the road, we have identified a few apples mixed with a few pears. 

In the Birmingham area to which BRMB broadcasts, BRMB enjoys 364,000 listeners, compared to Kerrang’s 210,000 (according to audience figures published today by Rajar).  BRMB thankfully belongs to Birmingham, and does not serve the entire West Midlands – or indeed the whole country, so it is inaccurate to draw comparisons about areas we do not serve.  

So, thanks to programmes like ‘the Jo Show’, Foxy and Giuliano and ‘the Sanctuary’, we most certainly are bigger in the Birmingham area than our noisy neighbours at Kerrang!.

When you put apples and apples in the same sized bowl that is.

David Lloyd,
Group Programme and Marketing Director.