West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper Dean Kiely would have good reason to feel slightly aggrieved that his career milestone of 700 senior appearances and 218 clean sheets has not received quite the fanfare afforded to David James last season.

The Liverpool and England No 1 was given the lion's share of headlines when he totted up his 141st clean sheet - a Premiership record - during a match at Aston Villa.

But Kiely insists he is not in the least bit bothered about headlines or column inches for his record - instead, he is just immensely proud of it and the fact that it has been achieved during a career which has spanned six clubs and almost two decades.

Kiely, aged 36, was really only troubled once against Barnsley on Saturday and was more than equal to the task when required, denying Anderson Da Silva.

That ensured his big day in history would not be marred, nor the statistics which now show he has kept a record of at least one clean sheet in every three games.

Kiely said: "That was my 700th senior appearance and so it was a big deal for me, but it was also business as usual and I try to play it down.

"Of course, I am delighted to achieve it and this game made it 218 clean sheets. David James kept 141 in the Premier League. I have done it for 218 and that is in all leagues, not just leaning against the post for Liverpool.

"But I am not worried about publicity. I just do what I can on Monday to Friday and try and get selected and then attempt to keep clean sheets."

Kiely, who started his career with Coventry and who has also played for York City, Luton Town and Charlton, is impressed by the new defenders he finds play-ing in front of him and other newcomers in the team, including Filipe Teixeira.

He said: "Football is like a league of nations these days, but the one thing everybody understands, whatever language they speak whether it be English or Portuguese, is football.

"He takes the ball extremely well. All of the players are coming in and making their contribution. They are prepared to go that extra mile, so hopefully we will have a good season."