Religion at the heart of horror attack – expert

A Midland terrorism expert said the shadowy terrorists responsible for the Mumbai attacks may have chosen a cosmopolitan and financial target but the motive was undoubtedly religious.

Dr George Kassimeris, an expert on conflict and terrorism at The University of Wolverhampton, said: “I don’t think many people are familiar with this group but they have managed to pull a very shocking and original attack. Their modus operandi is something we haven’t experienced in modern terrorism.

“The terrorists went straight for western targets which means they wanted to attract maximum publicity and they wanted to cause as much havoc as possible. There wasn’t any special operational or logistical plan, all they wanted to do was cause as much damage especially to western targets.

“I don’t think it was Al-Qaeda but Al-Qaeda inspired. Al-Qaeda have set the blueprint for attacks and we are seeing groups in different parts of the world copying them.

Dr Kassimeris added: “They may have chosen a cosmopolitan, financial city and a big upmarket hotel which attracts Westerners but it is more of a cultural and religious issue.

“It’s a brutal reminder of the underlining political instability which people tend to forget.”