Young holidaymakers will be handed safe sex packs as they jet off from Birmingham International Airport today.

Passengers heading to popular destinations such as Ibiza, Majorca, and Greece will be handed bags containing condoms and advice on safe sex.

Solihull Primary Care Trust's campaign follows a Foreign and Commonwealth Office survey which found that 64 per cent of young people in the West Midlands regularly had casual sex while on holiday compared with a national average of 28 per cent.

It also revealed that twice as many 16 to 30-year-olds in the region (29 per cent) as the national average (15 per cent) cited sex as a priority on holiday.

Young Midlanders were also found to be three times as likely (14 per cent) to have unprotected sex during their holiday compared with the national average of five per cent.

Staff from the Terence Higgins Trust will be handing out the packs to young people at Terminal One to mark the start of Sexual Health Awareness Week.

Solihull PCT has invested £2,000 in the initiative and condom manufacturer Durex have supplied 15,000 condoms and 5,000 lubricants for the campaign.

Paul Sheehan, the trust's sexual health and HIV coordinator, said: "Our aim is not to tell people what to do but to encourage them to be as aware and safe as possible while on holiday.

"This campaign plays a key part in the PCT's sexual health action plan and our joint teenage pregnancy action plan, developed with Solihull Council, to ensure that we work together to reduce the number of sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies across the borough."

Caroline Mason, senior development co-ordinator for the Terence Higgins Trust, added: "We're making it easier for people to take care of their sexual health on holiday. Our stand at Birmingham International Airport has loads of information and advice."