Creditors of MG Rover will receive about 5p for every pound they are owed, it emerged yesterday.

A total of #68.3 million has been raised by the administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers - who have paid themselves almost #10 million - towards the estimated #1.2 billion debts.

But creditors of MG Rover's engine making division Powertrain stand to receive more - almost 19p in the pound - when the payment is made, probably early next year.

That is because the sale of Powertrain raised #37.4 million but the section had far lower debts at about #200 million.

The sums were worked out from figures released in the Final Progress Report sent by PwC to creditors yesterday.

The accountants paid themselves a total of #9.9 million for the administration of both MG Rover (#7.9 million) and Powertrain (#2 million).

For their efforts at MG Rover they were paid #5.6 million from their appointment in April to October, and a further #2.3 million for the five months to March 13.

At Powertrain the figures were #1 million for both periods.

At its height, about 100 staff from PwC worked on the administration, although this number has reduced in recent months following the #53 million sale of MG Rover and Powertrain to Nanjing Automobile in July.

Overall, the sale of assets and both businesses raised a combined #169.5 million, although this has been reduced to #106.7 million after deductions such as rent, wages and administrators' fees.

Rob Hunt, joint administrator and partner at PwC, said: "We are required to agree our fees with the creditors committee and they have approved them.

"It is a lot of money, but we are talking about the largest and most high profile insolvency in the Midlands.

"We have also generated receipts in excess of #150 million, so our fees make up less than seven per cent."

The report also revealed that production line at Long-bridge was run until the end of July and resulted in the construction of approximately 1,900 additional cars.

About #56 million has been realised from the sale of nearly 8,000 cars, while another 100 cars may be sold.