A members' forum that promised much delivered little as Warwickshire hierarchy emerged relatively unscathed from a packed and passionate meeting at Edgbaston last night.

Truly, if Warwickshire had a pack of on-field 'spinners' that were as skilful, they'd be quite a side.

Though a panel of captain (Darren Maddy), chief executive (Colin Povey), director of cricket (Mark Greatbatch) and, belatedly, John Claughton, were left in no doubt as to the mood of the members, little constructive was achieved.

Indeed, while all but Maddy were asked to resign, there were also calls for long-serving coaches Steve Perryman and Neil Abberley to go.

There's a certain irony in the fact that the members have so many gripes at present that the club's hierarchy were not held to account for any in particular. For at one moment the question was about ground development, the next it was about car parking. Surprisingly few revolved around on-field matter.

Asked to justify his statement in this newspaper that the team had made "demonstrable progress" this season, John Claughton, said that his comments had been made up to "a month ago" and suggested there were not far out at the time.

In fact they were made on August 17 and repeated more recently. Perhaps if he watched more cricket he would be better placed to gauge the team's "progress"? His suggestion that he "felt sorry for the players" was met with howls of derision.

At least Claughton et al had the bottle to face around 500 angry members. The club's chairman, Neil Houghton, was "on holiday." Perhaps he could invest in one of the club's excellent diaries before next season because he seems to miss many such events.

The largest round of applause came for a man who was not even present, however. When long-time member, Jane Hyatt, asked the assembled audience to show their appreciation for Dougie Brown's career, she was met with a standing ovation by the entire room.

His dedication may not be appreciated by the present coaching regime, but an army of fans will hold him in reverent esteem forever.

As the applause died down a voice called out sarcastically: "How about a cheer for the coach?"

"Only when he resigns," came the reply.