Dear Editor, I have noticed a varied amount of coverage on the opinion page about the Walk of Stars on Broad Street, and have been very interested to read them.

However, with all the great names mentioned and some of those nominated, it seems that a true Birmingham great has been overlooked. Who is that man? Steve Gibbons! As in The Steve Gibbons Band.

I was fortunate enough some weeks ago to go and watch this genius perform a solo sat-on-stool gig at the Kitchen Garden Café in Kings Heath, which was packed out and thoroughly excellent! Yes, Steve is still gigging all over the Midlands with his band. He’s had some very very good albums out over the years and is loved throughout mainland Europe and indeed America. So then!

This almost beggars belief, that Steve has not been nominated and seems to have been overlooked. Might I be so bold as to nominate him, and maybe encourage other readers who know how excellent Steve is to write in and do the same.

Steve is a born-and-bred Brummie, and I believe still lives here in the city. Can I appeal then to all fans of great Birmingham music to let their voices be heard upon this issue? Thank you.

Jimmy the Hat, Moseley

(local musician)